The Busy Bee Society Modules

Hey busy bee! 

I am so excited you are here! These modules come from my one to one coaching sessions with my clients. I have created these modules especially for society members.

In these videos, I share some tools and strategies that will help you make positive changes in your life. We can't make changes until our mindset changes, and each module is designed to empower you, motivate and inspire you! 

Below are some recommendations before beginning Module 1. 



  • Do one module a week and complete the homework! Self-awareness is the first step, and big changes start with SMALL steps. 
  • Grab a notebook and take notes! These notes can be reviewed throughout the week and you can journal about the questions presented in each module. Don't forget to share your takeaways and wins with #busybeesociety or tag me at @busybeecoach! 

Module 1- A Snapshot of Your Life


Module 2- Goal Setting


Module 3- Declutter your mind and life!


Module 4- Distractions and time management