summer baby items


Hi busy bees!

So happy to be touching base with something a little different on the blog this week!

As most of you know, this is my first Summer as a new mom. It’s been crazy busy but so much fun! I got in a huge slump realizing that summer is halfway over for me. There is nothing I love more than being able to stay home with my baby boy for the Summer! I am going to have to mentally prepare myself to go back and have another transition being away from him. I know all my working mamas understand the struggle.

But for now, I’m soaking up every minute of our nap time snuggles, weekend trips, playtime, and so much more!

Today I’m compiling a list of MUST HAVE baby items for the Summer. These have been things recommended to me by my mama friends, or things I’ve found and tried myself.


First on the list is a baby swim float for the pool! We took Grayson to the pool for the first time over Memorial weekend and I knew he was safe and protected from the sun in it! 

Baby Swim Float:

Speaking of the pool, every mama knows that swim diapers are a necessity! We really like these and are good to have on hand, or to keep in your diaper bag for travel!

Swim Diapers:

Next is this super awesome, pop open baby canopy! We got this specifically for our beach trip and although we didn’t get to spend TOO much time at the beach (hello heat index of 110+ and the hottest weekend of the year?!) Grayson enjoyed his time at the beach in the shade! I love how it pops open and closed and it’s also something I plan to use when sitting outside in the back yard so that he is protected from bugs as well! html

Baby Canopy/Tent:

For some reason I’ve been so paranoid about bugs, guess it’s a new mom thing! A friend recommended this mosquito net for walking, stroller strides and outside time. I just place it over the stroller to keep bugs away! 

Mosquito Net:

Speaking of the heat, this Summer we also joined Stroller Strides! Stroller strides is part of a nation-wide franchise called Fit4Mom! We are part of Fit4Mom Richmond and did the teacher summer discount program! We have loved meeting other babies and moms, getting outside and active! It is the best way to start the day! I got this portable fan so that grayson stays nice and cool in his stroller during our workouts! This fan is also great for outdoor concerts or other Summer events!

Portable Fan:

Okay so these might be a little EXTRA but blame grandma for these! She wanted to makes sure baby Grayson’s eyes were protected when she took him out for walks and got this pack of 2, which worked out great because I got a pair as well. I keep these strapped onto my diaper bag!

Baby Sunglasses:

This next item is something every mama HAS to register or buy for a friend! This is probably in my top 5 for favorite baby product. This is the Hatch sound machine that we take when traveling. It has different sounds, lights, presets, alarms, and so much more. It’s touch activated and also has an app so you can change the lighting and sound from your phone. We use the white noise and nightlight when we travel and Grayson loves it!

Hatch Sound Machine/Night Light

Moving on to sleep! I love this on the go pack n play for travel! We have used it when staying at our in laws, naps in the living room when we don’t want to put him back in the crib, and on vacation. It has an upper bassinet part and a lower playpen area. Grayson sleeps great on it! It’s super easy to put up and take down!

Pack N Play:

It’s definitely been different traveling with a new baby. Grayson’s been going down at 7 PM and we obviously like to stay up, have some drinks and relax but make sure he is safe! This is our baby monitor! I obsessed over picking the “right” one out when I was pregnant and I have to say, I really love ours. It’s SO simple to unplug, pack up and use while traveling. It’s super light-weight and easy to use. I love the large screen, different settings for everything under the sun, and that it has the sound activation. 

Baby Monitor:


That’s all for now! I can’t wait to compile another list of my favorite baby products that we registered for or purchased and LOVE! Don’t forget to bookmark for the future, or share with a mama to be! Thanks for all the support!