how to be organized as a family

How to Stay Organized as a Family

Hey Busy Bees!

Today I'm sharing 5 simple and effective ways to get organized as a family! Hopefully you have a little time off of work this Summer, and in between relaxing, you can implement some of these tips.

Here are some ways I stay organized (although I always like to say, I'm still a work in progress! Remember, progress, not perfection! Can I get an amen!?) 

  1. Get a file box or binder- Once we had Grayson, I realized how much more organized I needed to be with paperwork. I got a big file box from Target with folders and store everything in there. From important documents like birth certificates, to hospital bills, to car loan information, everything is in one spot.

  2. Share and keep track of digital files with Google Drive. I did a blog a while back on how I manage and use google drive. You can click here for more info!  Ross and I use this to keep track of our bills and what we owe every month. I also use it every single day at work to collaborate with colleagues and organize important documents. I love that I can just pull the documents up on my phone or computer from ANYWHERE without worrying. And everything saves automatically

  3. Use Google Calendar to keep track of events and sync your work/personal calendar and share with important family members. I needed something in my phone to keep track of events since I have it on me at all times. I first started using iCalendar but I like the features of google calendar more. I think it's also because my school system uses google, so when I downloaded the app, it's easy for me to keep track of work meetings as well. 

  4. Declutter- need I say more? Pick 3-5 areas of your house that need organization. Get shelves, cubes, ladders, baskets and tackle it!!! Grayson already has so many toys at just 4 months old so I can’t even imagine how it will be a few months from now. I’m a big fan of cute baskets and bins to throw everything in. That way, it still looks organized and somewhat contained in one area. You will feel so much better when you've decluttered your house. If you need some extra inspiration, just find Marie Kondo’s show on netflix and you’ll be asking yourself what sparks joy in no time!

  5. Have a family meeting and set goals, discuss finances and big plans for the upcoming year. Think big purchases, trips, and other goals with your spouse, or other important family members so you can get on the same page! Use my busy bee planner to write down your goals and hold yourself accountable. I always encourage my clients to ask themselves “are my daily actions aligned with my goals?” The busy bee planner is an easy way to do this. Click here to get on the presale list for 20% off.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you’d like more tips like these or one to one support to reach your goals, head to my services page to learn more about my coaching packages.