Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Part 9. Liza Witonis

Busy Bee meets Boss Babes interview with Liza Witonis, personal wealth coach and life changer.

Liza Witonis is the go-to personal wealth coach for women and entrepreneurs who want to get control of their finances, once and for all. Diving deep into the mind, body, soul and emotion, Liza helps her clients heal their money relationship and establish real wealth-building strategies to fulfill their lives. Going beyond basic budgets and age old advice, Liza helps her clients create habits and attitudes that product real wealth and lasting change.

Being on her own financial journey for the last five years, Liza has increase her quality of life by having the best relationship she ever has with money (including conversations with her husband), and paying off over $200,000 in debt. She now teaches others how to do the same. 

She works with clients 1:1 via online and in person coaching sessions. She is also launching her first course call Wealth Is Yours.

"My biggest responsibility as a female entrepreneur in my career is being me, allowing my talent to shine, and continue to show up. I have a calling to empower people in their financial journey in life and allow them to step into wealth in a way they've never known how to before. Healing their relationship with money, and practical things like pay off debt, establish a savings and create a plan that works for them and their family." -Liza