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Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Part 10. Amber Manry

Busy Bee meets Boss Babes interview with Amber Manry from bitcubs. 

"Bitcubs is a company dedicated to introducing kids, ages 3-14, to code.  We use a play-based approach to teach basic coding concepts.  At the elementary school age, children are exposed to the most rudimentary concepts through physical play.  Ironically, we believe that children absorb these concepts better when they are first taught off-screen.  Similarly, if children learn about the zoo in the classroom and then visit the zoo, they retain more information than going straight to the zoo.  We've known this for decades, but for some reason, the same rationale is not always applied to computer science.

At the early ages of 3-10, children in our program are not expected to type code onto a computer.  They are building the fundamentals to better prepare them for taking more advanced programming classes.  Children can be taught about loops, functions, and conditional statements by relating these concepts to material that they already know. "