Compassion over Reaction

Hey busy bees!

I'm excited to share this blog post with you guys this week. I think it'll hit home for many of you, and this is something I had to plug into and practice a lot this week.

I'm going to be talking about compassion over reaction.

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It's no secret that things don't always turn out the way we expect them to. That's life. But that doesn't mean it's not frustrating.

Shit happens.

You get into a car accident on your morning commute.

Your program launch for your business doesn't take off the way you've hoped.

You're not booking as many clients or getting customers this month.

You're finances are far from perfect.

People annoy you or do something to hurt you at work.

To dive in more to the friendship side of things-

How many times are we disappointed by the way others treat us?

We say things like "I'd never do that" or "I can't believe they would think that's okay." 

That's where the idea of compassion over reaction comes into play. I shared a little behind the scenes of this over on my instagram story (@busybeecoach) and I got a lot of feedback from my followers! How can we turn off the reaction button, ie. anger, frustration, stress, expectation, etc. and choose compassion. Or choose love.

Our job is just to love people, and not to judge them.

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves because we are guilty of judging others. So how could we not expect them to do the same to us?

Shannon Kaiser, in her book "Find Your Happy" she says, 

When we react, we block ourselves from receiving guidance and clear direction on how to move forward with grace and ease.

She says that our reactions are simply fear based thoughts, and we should reframe that way of thinking into one of compassion and love. 

It's no secret that people disappoint us. It happened to me this week. But when I found myself getting frustrated, I could literally hear Shannon Kaiser's words in my head and I thought about how I could change my perspective and come from a place of love and understanding. I thought about the other persons side, and tried not to take it personally. It wasn't easy, but I kept saying Shannon's mantra in my head and it TRULY helped me process my feelings and feel better about the situation. 

She says to ask yourself, "How can I see this situation with more love?"

Wondering how you can put this into action? Here's the mantra from Day 7 of her book, Find Your Happy:


I choose to see all situations with more compassion. I am responsible for my outcome and if there is a situation I don’t like, I can lessen the frustration by seeing the situation from a new perspective. I let love lead the way as I choose to perceive everything with more kindness...I no longer react to frustrating circumstances, instead, I choose to be more compassionate with myself and others.

Just, WOW! Right???

I hope you found these words powerful and helpful. I challenge you to be self-aware when you are reacting to circumstances out of your control and ask yourself the questions presented here today. How can I see this with more love?

I'm sending you lots of it!

I highly recommend Shannon's book. You can buy it on amazon here! 

Message me if you buy it so we can be accountability buddies!


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