Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Part 2. Taylor McKay

I am so excited to feature another Boss Babe on this week's blog post!

This week's guest is Taylor McKay! 

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Taylor is an engagement, wedding and portrait photographer and owner of Lauren Taylor Photography. She is also a full time accountant, wife and mama! 

Taylor and I went to Longwood together and were sorority sisters. I haven't seen her in a couple years, but when I started my business and came up with this idea for the blog, I KNEW I had to have her on!

I have admired her and watched her grow into an amazing photographer.

She has an amazing brand with LTP brides and builds strong friendships with her clients. She has even photographed a wedding for a client, who later asked her to do her maternity session! It just goes to show you the long-lasting relationships she builds with her clients. How amazing is that?!

Every day is truly a juggling act, but I find that when I’m strict and intentional about devoting specific time to each job, I’m able to excel at all of them.
— Taylor

Fun Fact:
Taylor is a triplet and she is also a law enforcement wife to her college sweetheart, who is also named Taylor! They have a one year old, Ashton! 

This girl is on FIRE!

She has always been the definition of productive, and I'm so excited to have her as part of this blog series!

Now, lets get to it! Meet TAYLOR!!!!! 

I’m Taylor McKay, the face of Lauren Taylor Photography! I am a full time accountant, and though the intent is part time/hobbyist, I’m basically a full time photographer, too - and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m a mom to the sweet, little one year old, Ashton, and a law enforcement wife to my college sweetheart.

Tell us about your responsibilities as a female entrepreneur, wife and mom! 

My biggest responsibility as a business owner is to serve my clients well, to makes sure they always feel top priority which requires prompt communications, quick turnaround times on galleries, and going above and beyond every chance I get.

My biggest responsibilities at home are to serve my family well as the wife and mom, to make my husband feel respected and appreciated, and to pour myself into my son in order to teach him how to be a morally good human being that loves others.
Layna Rae Photography

Layna Rae Photography

How do you stay focused and productive throughout the day? 

I’ve learned that in order for me to stay focused and productive, I have to be intentional about making to-do lists, prioritizing, and using my time wisely.

Having a son at home means that if I don’t use my hours during the day well, I’m up late trying to get things done which is not when I’m at my best. I keep my family life schedule in a separate calendar than my business obligations, and I keep my to-do lists separate, too. I use my lunch hour at work each day to tackle my business to-dos. Usually, I do editing, blogging, and session uploads during my lunch breaks. I also use scheduling features on both Facebook and Instagram as often as necessary in order to keep my business running during my primary full time job’s work hours. I save e-mails for first thing in the morning or late at night, since I can do those from my phone, and also for the fact that they take less time than the previous tasks mentioned. This allows me to be fully present when I’m home.
Layna Rae Photography

Layna Rae Photography

What keeps you motivated?

Success... keeps me motivated. Goal-setting, hustling and overcoming challenges is how I define success, and I believe all of that is contingent upon work ethic and level of commitment.

I want to prove to my son and others (heck, myself at times!) that anything is possible, dreams are attainable and nothing is impossible with dedication and enough hard work.

What are your favorite tools to stay productive and organized? 

I use a good ole fashioned pen and paper for my to-do lists, though I have to start with a fresh one daily even if I hadn’t accomplished all the things.
The only preference I have on planners is large spaces for writing per day, so I’m happy with my standard day designers from Target. They DO have to be cute and somewhat colorful, though!

I use Planoly for scheduling my business posts on Instagram, and my favorite feature is being able to see my posts and organize them before posting because in the photography industry, having a cohesive feed is important.

Staying active is also important, and I have my full time job working against me in the sense that I can’t just post to social media all day, so this app takes that obstacle out of my way.

How do you keep a positive work/life balance?? 

I haven’t always been good at work/life balance.

Professionally, in my accounting career, I’ve always been passionate about finding a job that offered that. So, it was equally, if not more important for me to also be intentional about that in my business. Being realistic in my lunch break hour to-do lists keeps me successful in maintaining productivity. Knocking that work out away from home keeps my home life schedule clear, and if I have anything left to do, my family comes first until they are asleep for the night.

I also limit my bookings in an effort to be intentional about not constantly working two jobs. Weddings are the most work, and while my favorite and the focus of my brand, I limit the number of wedding clients I take more than anything, because not only is work/life balance important, but so is serving my clients well. This allows me to be fully “everything to everyone” as I need to.

Wow, wow, wow! So many great takeaways from Taylor, and I'm so appreciative she took the time to share with us today!

I'm personally super excited to check out Planoly for scheduling business posts!

We'd love for you to comment below with your biggest takeaway from this blog series! 

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