Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Part 8. MegAnne Ford

Happy Thursday, Busy Bees!

I've got another boss babe on the blog for you today! Can you believe I'm up to my 8th featured guest? This week is going to be super fun because I'm going to be featuring another bee themed businesses, here in RVA!!!! MegAnne and I connected through a local network, Boss Babes RVA. 

Meet MegAnne Ford, of Be Kind Coaching!

MegAnne is a certified life and parent coach. I just love her passion for helping families, so if you're a mom, this blog post is especially for you!

When creating the concept for my business it was very important to me to find a logo that fits my mission.

I was instantly drawn to bees and how the hive operates.

In a healthy hive, each bee has a specific role in building and sustaining the community. They perform their roles with low conflict and in an approach that is unique to each hive.

The wonderful product of all this hard work, is honey- a sweet reward!

I strive to use this inspiration and build a healthy hive inside your home! We will work to tap into your sweet rewards!
— Be Kind Website

Let's get started! Meet MegAnne: 

Hi friends! I live in Richmond, Va with my wonderful husband Jason, our two kitties, Icarus and Hedwig, and our pitty mix, Jude. We moved to RVA in 2011 and wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Tell us about Be Kind Coaching.  

My business is Be Kind Coaching.

I started, in January 2016, while driving down 95 chatting with my husband and made things legit July 4th that same year.

After working in a system that thrived in shame and blame, I wanted to create a space that fostered a more positive, growth mindset fueled approach to parenting children.

I work with parents who are just looking to gain some control over their families dynamics to foster the connection they want with their children! I have never walked away from a session thinking “those parents are terrible parents because their kid throws a tantrum.” I often leave feeling inspired that parents have reached out for some help in setting their child’s behavior back on track! The fun part of being a parent is that you are in the driver’s seat to develop any family system, ritual, routine, dynamic that you would like to create- I have the pleasure of coming in and helping you reach those goals!

What is the greatest reward you get from working with families through your business?

The greatest reward that I get from working with families is hearing them say, “This just makes so much sense now!”

I get to decode all the punishment driven discipline tactics that typical parenting advocates for and really equip parents with a system that just makes more sense!

Parenting is a hard job that often can get really hurtful and messy for both sides. When I can come in and offer some perspective and a new approach that leaves everyone feeling better and more connected through the hard moments- phew, those are my most cherished moments.

Feeling confident to set, hold, and follow through on a boundary that creates trust, connection, and compliance will never get old for me!

I love my job. I was told for a long time that “this is how we do things” and it never made sense to me. I never understood why adults feel like they need to treat children any differently than how they would like to be treated themselves. It takes a lot more control, attention, and work- but learning new tools to use really can turn tantrums around immediately. It’s just no one talks about it- so I talk about it and help families really do some pretty amazing 180s!

Tell us about your biggest responsibilities as a boss babe. 

Creating space for both parents to ask questions and feel safe. Often one parent will dominate the conversation, so I strive to create a space where both parents can share their goals and reinforce the skills that will get them there together.

Please describe your schedules or routines to stay focused and productive throughout the day.

About a month ago I realized that I spent the beginning part of my day glued to my phone, checking social media and emails. I did an honest time audit which allowed for me to create a new routine.

I now wake up, take my dog for a walk, meditate for 10 minutes, write in my gratitude journal and start my day put together!

This creates quiet space to ground myself before the rush of the day gets the best of me.

What keeps you motivated through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur?

I have a very close circle of non-entrepreneur friends that allow me to vent, hide, and support me through the ebbs and flow. People who know MegAnne, just as MegAnne.

What are your favorite tools to stay productive and organized? (apps, planners, books, etc.)

I love my old fashioned pen and paper journal. Zoom for meetings and Voxer for walkie talkie communication is really fun, too.
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What do you say to people who look at you and think, "I just don't know how she does it all!" How do you maintain a positive work/life balance?!

I’ve heard from several people that is looks pretty effortless running Be Kind Coaching and Kind Club. I can assure you that it takes a tremendous amount of work to accomplish the goals that I set for myself.

I have a pretty fast filter system internally. If something is not working in my business I quickly filter it out or reflect to improve. I am also notorious for running everything in “beta mode” for whatever reason this gives me permission to try things differently, until it works.

Last piece of advice? 

The word “NO” will pave the road for the word “YES” to enter!

Each time someone tells me “no” I show appreciation and allow space for a yes to enter!

Thanks so much, MegAnne! I love the idea that no paves the road for yes! I also love that you realized your morning routine wasn't "productive" and you found an amazing way to jumpstart your day! 

Thanks for your sharing your gifts and wisdom with us! If you want to hear more about Be Kind or want to work with MegAnne, you can find her over at: 





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