Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Part 4. with Rachel Camfield

The world is a loving place when we relax and trust, lean on others for support and help, and go after what we truly want.
Twisting yourself into who anyone thinks you should be will never lead to fulfillment.
Honor yourself and what you believe. Magical things will happen.
— Rachel Camfield

Hey busy bees!
I am SO excited to feature another Boss Babe as part of the blog series. I can't believe we are already up to our fourth guest!

Today, you're in for a special treat because you'll be hearing from one of my dearest friends!

Meet Rachel Camfield: a transformational coach, inspirational writer, blogger and speaker. Today she gives us a sneak peek into her world and shares her favorite productivity tips and tricks!

Rachel and I met over three years ago through our husbands. We had an instant connection and she has been a huge source of inspiration, positivity and personal growth. She is not only a friend, but a mentor, and she brings so much light and love into the world! 


Lets get started! I'm so excited to introduce you to my sweet friend,  Rachel! 

Hello there, I’m Rachel!
I’m a transformational coach and an inspirational writer, blogger, and speaker.
I deeply believe in the tiny changes becoming the big ones.
I love to connect with positive, like-minded others and grow together. I live in Richmond, Virginia with my amazing and loving golf pro husband and our 4 lb toy poodle, Wally. Our sweet family is growing and we will be welcoming our little one right before Christmas! Home, harmony, and living authentically - this is what is most important to me.

Describe your responsibilities as a girl boss.

In my career field, personal responsibility is a huge part of my work.
If I’m not taking care of what matters most by living honestly and in alignment with how I want to feel and my beliefs, I am not able to serve my clients to the best of my abilities.

Integrity is one of my highest values so I do my best to have my responsibilities support that vision including client, viewer, listener, and reader experience, every kind of communication (being impeccable with my word), and also being transparent - from my social media, blog posts, to live events.

I want you to walk away feeling like you know the real me no matter how we are connecting, and I want that little spark to ignite you to boldly bring the real you to everything it is you do.
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Describe life outside of work. What are some of your personal responsibilities?

Personal responsibility starts with myself. I check in every day, usually in my quiet morning time, so that I am not hiding from any issues or avoiding personal and professional blind spots.

I am honored to run our household - from making it feel like home to the cleaning, grocery shopping, flowers and plants, decor, laundry, organization, and flow. I take great honor in keeping our home, and love feeling rejuvenated and restored by living, loving, and working inside of our four walls. In our family, I will be mothering and the primary source of childcare, which I have dreamed of my entire life. I am not putting pressure on myself to have balance as a work-from-home mom, instead, I am inviting harmony, knowing each day will be different and that is okay.

My relationships are everything to me. I consciously invest in the people in my life including family, friends, business partners and team members, and look for ways to lift others up. Showing up whole has transformed the way I interact with the people in my life, and I’m so grateful to be loved every day by so many.

Describe your daily routines to stay focused and productive.

I choose to time block my week. This allows me to focus on one thing at a time, amping up my productivity and focus. Work wise, I coach clients, offer complimentary clarity calls, write and create content all during certain windows 4 days out of the week. My mornings are my time to restore, be creative, rest. Evenings are for family, friends, and play. Fridays are my day to do whatever I want, and I love working towards that each week!

What keeps you motivated?

My crystal clear vision is my main motivator.
I deeply know why I’m here and what I’m capable of.
When I have stuck moments (and we all do), I tap into what’s not feeling good, how I can move through it, and I ask for help.

My relationships keep me incredibly uplifted and for that, I want to say thank you to the wonderful people in my life.

We rise together, sisters.
When we try so hard, perhaps we should just surrender and try softer?
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What are your favorite tools to stay productive and organized? 

I am a pretty simple gal! I primarily make paper lists. I use my iCal for scheduling in addition to a traditional planner (currently I am using Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner). I keep a thin notebook with me at all times to catch ideas and help me process.

What do you say to people who look at you and think, "I just don't know how she does it all!"
How do you maintain a positive work/life balance?!

We each have a unique set of gifts. The magic is focusing our energy on the things that truly matter to us - not what matters to everyone else. Getting clear on this is what true personal freedom is made of.

Don’t feel like you have to compete or catch up; we each find the time to do the things that are important to us. By honoring yourself, you give others the permission to do the same. I’m a fan of saying ‘Rock what YOU’VE got!! It’s awesome. And no one else can ever be YOU.’

Isn't she AMAZING!?

If you'd like to follow Rach, you can find her at:

rachelcamfield.com/instagram @rachelcamfield


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