Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Part 9. Liza Witonis

You guys,

I couldn't be more excited to bring you back another Boss Babe, as part of my Busy Bee Meets Boss Babes Blog Series.

Today you're going to meet, and fall in love with my amazing friend,


Liza and I met through our network marketing business, and we are part of the inspired desires tribe that stretches from VA to New Hampshire! We just met in person this Summer at our District Manager's retreat in Charlottesville, but it felt like we've known each other forever!

Don't you love when that happens? 

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Liza Witonis is the go-to personal wealth coach for women and entrepreneurs who want to get control of their finances, once and for all. Diving deep into the mind, body, soul and emotion, Liza helps her clients heal their money relationship and establish real wealth-building strategies to fulfill their lives. Going beyond basic budgets and age old advice, Liza helps her clients create habits and attitudes that product real wealth and lasting change.
Being on her own financial journey for the last five years, Liza has increase her quality of life by having the best relationship she ever has with money (including conversations with her husband), and paying off over $200,000 in debt. She now teaches others how to do the same. 
She works with clients 1:1 via online and in person coaching sessions. She is also launching her first course call Wealth Is Yours.




When you go to Liza's website, you will be drawn to her infectious smile, and her mission to help others create financial freedom. She's got some powerful ideas in store for us today, and I can't wait to share Liza with you!

Let's get started!

Meet Liza: 

My husband and I live in New Hampshire with our two year old, Louise, and two fur babies, Ozie (Yorkie-Poo) and Airlie (Himalyan).

I love being outside. I would rather mow the lawn, than do housework. I am drawn to the beach, and love finding hearts in unusual places and things!

My calling in life is to be a life changer.

I was a teacher for eight years, and when my daughter was born, I decided to start my own business. My husband and I started our financial journey five years ago. We took a course that shifted things in our core. We were living with hundreds of thousands of debt, and didn’t want that life.

Within the last five years, we’ve paid off over $200,000 in debt! We are truly living our definition of wealth and the life we want now.

Tell us about your responsibilities as a boss babe!  

My biggest responsibility as a female entrepreneur in my career is being me, allowing my talent to shine, and continue to show up.

I have a calling to empower people in their financial journey in life and allow them to step into wealth in a way they’ve never known how to before. Healing their relationship with money, and practical things like pay off debt, establish a savings and create a plan that works for them and their family.

What routines do you have to keep you on task, and productive? 

Every week I sit down Sunday night and map out my week on a paper schedule. My husband and I do this together. That way we are both on the same page.

I write down the top 5 things I want to get accomplished during that nap time. Nap ranges from 1-2.5 hours, so somethings get bumped to the next day.

What keeps you motivated?

My why.

Knowing that the work that I do is life changing.

Seeing the smile on my clients face after two calls, and providing the guidance and empowering them that they CAN pay off a credit card in the one month we’ve worked together.

Seeing the ripple effect of my husband and my own journey even just five years down the road.

Also, being able to be HOME with my daughter and more importantly, being able to be present with her and my husband.<3

What are your favorite tools to stay productive and organized?

I am a paper pencil type of gal! I love my gmail calendar and for business I use Calendly.

What do you say to people who look at you and think, "I just don't know how she does it all!" 
How do you maintain a positive work/life balance?!

I make sure my cup is full, so I can serve others (including my family).

I am strong enough to ask for help when I need and want it (it wasn’t always that way).

Allowing others to love and support me, and help me when I need it has truly been the secret key for me!
Can't forget the fur babies!&nbsp;

Can't forget the fur babies! 

Tell us one of the most valuable things you've learned since you started your life changing business. 

I think one of the best things I did starting out, is build my tribe. I found like minded women who I allowed love & support me through building and growing my business. I also outlined what success meant to me, as a mother, wife and entrepreneur. This was SO helpful to walk through and release the expectations I’ve put on myself that weren’t serving me.


I am honored to know you and call you a friend, and Arbonne sister!

Thank you for being part of this series! Your mission and work is so inspiring and I can't wait to see the lives you continue to touch through your business!

You can follow Liza at:

Instagram: @lizawitonis

Website: lizawitonis.com

Facebook: Liza Witonis Personal Wealth Coach

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