A 15 minute Sunday routine guaranteed to increase your productivity this week!

Hey busy bees!

This week I am sharing a simple routine that I complete every Sunday to get me focused for the week! I'm sharing this with you, in hopes that it will inspire you to implement it in your life!

Do you ever look at your planner and wonder how you will fit everything in?

Do you make a to-do list, but by the end of the week, nothing seemed to get done?! 

Are loose ends driving you crazy? You started something, but didn't get a chance to finish it...?

Prioritizing your schedule is the answer!  

But how? 

There are a few ways to do this, so I will explain some of my favorite ways, and you can try what sounds the best to you! 

1. The ABC Method!

In the notes page of your planner, or in your favorite notebook, split the paper into 3 equal columns. Label them A, B and C. 

A- things that need to get done immediately. They are big/important/urgent! Examples might be paying a bill, going to the grocery store, getting laundry done, or writing a blog post. 

B- things that are important but can wait. Examples might be buying a birthday gift for a friend, cleaning the guest bathroom, or pulling weeds in the backyard. 

C- things that are not important, and can wait. Examples are sending a thank you card, cleaning out your closet and taking the clothes to Goodwill, or looking for an outfit to wear for your birthday dinner in a few weeks. 

Obviously, once you prioritize your activities, it's clear and easy to see which ones need to get done first. Start with the A's, then the B's, and end with the C's. I like to fit the C's in when I have more downtime than expected, or into the weekend when I have more time! 

2. The Eisenhower Method! Use post it notes and write all your "to-do" items.

ort them into 4 boxes- important and urgent, important and not urgent, not important and can be delegated, not important and does not need to get done this week (or at all!) 

This is super similar to the ABC method, but it's called the Eisenhower Method! Following the steps above, this box is a great visual to see what is truly urgent and important, and what's not. If you look this up on pinterest, there are lots of great visuals and different ways to do this. Here is one example, courtesy of startamomblog.com

3. Look at your "to-do" items and pick 3 main ones to focus on this week. Highlight them in your favorite color! Tackle the biggest ones first. 

Get the big things out of the way first! You'll feel so much more accomplished. I also like to give myself a set time frame to tackle each big task, so I'm held more accountable.

When I pick my 3 big tasks, I pull up my calendar in my phone and schedule it into my week. Also, I ALWAYS ask Siri to remind me things, especially after school, so I don't forget. 

For example, one of my friends got married last week and it dawned on me I hadn't sent a card and a wedding gift. The minute I thought of it, I asked Siri to remind me tomorrow to pick that up. I have to write things down or schedule it right in, so I don't forget. Then that eliminates it looming over my head all week!

How do I implement this into my routine?

f you're ready to take action and feel more productive this week, pick one of the ways to prioritize your schedule. Set a reminder on Sunday afternoon/evening to complete the activity, and stay accountable to those designated tasks throughout the week. Take time to reflect on how it worked for you, and what changes you could make next time, the following Sunday! Then, try it out again! It will only take a few times for it to become an AWESOME habit!

I can't wait to hear how this works for you. Let's keep each other accountable! Comment below with 1, 2 or 3 and tell us what method you'll be trying out! Then, let's touch base and see how it goes!