Book Recommendations from a Reading Specialist and Book Nerd!

Hi busy bees!

So happy to be touching base with something a little different on the blog this week!

As most of you know, I have been wanting to share things outside of productivity, life coaching and business lately. When I was reading a book this morning, I realized how often I share book recommendations with others and how much I love hearing what other people have read! This week on the blog, I’m sharing a list of my FAVORITE BOOKS!! Most are mystery thriller because it’s my favorite genre, but there are a few other types as well!

As a new mom, I definitely have less time to read but it’s one of my favorite things to do when Grayson goes down for a nap or to bed for the night. There is no better way to unwind than getting lost in a good book! Ross and I usually order our books straight from Amazon, because we both feel like there is nothing better than holding an actual book in your hand. I guess we’re old school. I use my ipad to read sometimes through the Libby app, where you can download ebooks through your local library. I like that when I don’t have a book on hand, or when I’m looking for something to download quickly.

This blog post will have my list with links on Amazon to order so you can soak up the rest of Summer with a good book in your hand! Hopefully with a drink by the pool! I hope you love these books as much as I do! You can also keep up with me on goodreads; search my name or click here to add me! Whenever I am on the hunt for a book, I always search on Goodreads first so I don’t waste time on a book that isn’t so great! I gave all of these 4-5 stars!


First, I’m going to dive into my list of Mystery/Thriller books. All of these kept me hooked from beginning to end with lots of twists and turns! I won’t go deep into descriptions for these because you can click the Amazon link to read the description and reviews, but trust me, you will LOVE THESE! The best part is that most of these are under TEN DOLLARS!

Mystery/Thriller books:

Of course I have to throw in a personal growth book! This is one of my favorites of all time. It is SO inspiring, beautifully written and I would recommend it to anyone.

I’m going to list a few more of my favorite personal growth books. If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you are probably familiar with these but I couldn’t leave them out!

I’m a HUGE vanderpump rules fan! It’s probably my favorite reality TV show besides the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I started watching it when I was pregnant, and I’m somewhat embarassed to say I binged a few shows a night. Totally obsessed. Needless to say when Stassi released her book I was SO EXCITED. I read it in 2 days, and it is so funny, light-hearted and the perfect Summer read. If you’re a fan, you’ve definitely got to grab it!

If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE Diane Chamberlain books!

That’s all for now! I’d love to hear which books you’ve added to your list, or what you’re currently reading! Tag a fellow book nerd, or share with a friend who is looking for their next read! Thanks for the support!




Hi busy bees!

So happy to be touching base with something a little different on the blog this week!

As most of you know, this is my first Summer as a new mom. It’s been crazy busy but so much fun! I got in a huge slump realizing that summer is halfway over for me. There is nothing I love more than being able to stay home with my baby boy for the Summer! I am going to have to mentally prepare myself to go back and have another transition being away from him. I know all my working mamas understand the struggle.

But for now, I’m soaking up every minute of our nap time snuggles, weekend trips, playtime, and so much more!

Today I’m compiling a list of MUST HAVE baby items for the Summer. These have been things recommended to me by my mama friends, or things I’ve found and tried myself.


First on the list is a baby swim float for the pool! We took Grayson to the pool for the first time over Memorial weekend and I knew he was safe and protected from the sun in it! 

Baby Swim Float:

Speaking of the pool, every mama knows that swim diapers are a necessity! We really like these and are good to have on hand, or to keep in your diaper bag for travel!

Swim Diapers:

Next is this super awesome, pop open baby canopy! We got this specifically for our beach trip and although we didn’t get to spend TOO much time at the beach (hello heat index of 110+ and the hottest weekend of the year?!) Grayson enjoyed his time at the beach in the shade! I love how it pops open and closed and it’s also something I plan to use when sitting outside in the back yard so that he is protected from bugs as well! html

Baby Canopy/Tent:

For some reason I’ve been so paranoid about bugs, guess it’s a new mom thing! A friend recommended this mosquito net for walking, stroller strides and outside time. I just place it over the stroller to keep bugs away! 

Mosquito Net:

Speaking of the heat, this Summer we also joined Stroller Strides! Stroller strides is part of a nation-wide franchise called Fit4Mom! We are part of Fit4Mom Richmond and did the teacher summer discount program! We have loved meeting other babies and moms, getting outside and active! It is the best way to start the day! I got this portable fan so that grayson stays nice and cool in his stroller during our workouts! This fan is also great for outdoor concerts or other Summer events!

Portable Fan:

Okay so these might be a little EXTRA but blame grandma for these! She wanted to makes sure baby Grayson’s eyes were protected when she took him out for walks and got this pack of 2, which worked out great because I got a pair as well. I keep these strapped onto my diaper bag!

Baby Sunglasses:

This next item is something every mama HAS to register or buy for a friend! This is probably in my top 5 for favorite baby product. This is the Hatch sound machine that we take when traveling. It has different sounds, lights, presets, alarms, and so much more. It’s touch activated and also has an app so you can change the lighting and sound from your phone. We use the white noise and nightlight when we travel and Grayson loves it!

Hatch Sound Machine/Night Light

Moving on to sleep! I love this on the go pack n play for travel! We have used it when staying at our in laws, naps in the living room when we don’t want to put him back in the crib, and on vacation. It has an upper bassinet part and a lower playpen area. Grayson sleeps great on it! It’s super easy to put up and take down!

Pack N Play:

It’s definitely been different traveling with a new baby. Grayson’s been going down at 7 PM and we obviously like to stay up, have some drinks and relax but make sure he is safe! This is our baby monitor! I obsessed over picking the “right” one out when I was pregnant and I have to say, I really love ours. It’s SO simple to unplug, pack up and use while traveling. It’s super light-weight and easy to use. I love the large screen, different settings for everything under the sun, and that it has the sound activation. 

Baby Monitor:


That’s all for now! I can’t wait to compile another list of my favorite baby products that we registered for or purchased and LOVE! Don’t forget to bookmark for the future, or share with a mama to be! Thanks for all the support!




How to Stay Organized as a Family

Hey Busy Bees!

Today I'm sharing 5 simple and effective ways to get organized as a family! Hopefully you have a little time off of work this Summer, and in between relaxing, you can implement some of these tips.

Here are some ways I stay organized (although I always like to say, I'm still a work in progress! Remember, progress, not perfection! Can I get an amen!?) 

  1. Get a file box or binder- Once we had Grayson, I realized how much more organized I needed to be with paperwork. I got a big file box from Target with folders and store everything in there. From important documents like birth certificates, to hospital bills, to car loan information, everything is in one spot.

  2. Share and keep track of digital files with Google Drive. I did a blog a while back on how I manage and use google drive. You can click here for more info!  Ross and I use this to keep track of our bills and what we owe every month. I also use it every single day at work to collaborate with colleagues and organize important documents. I love that I can just pull the documents up on my phone or computer from ANYWHERE without worrying. And everything saves automatically

  3. Use Google Calendar to keep track of events and sync your work/personal calendar and share with important family members. I needed something in my phone to keep track of events since I have it on me at all times. I first started using iCalendar but I like the features of google calendar more. I think it's also because my school system uses google, so when I downloaded the app, it's easy for me to keep track of work meetings as well. 

  4. Declutter- need I say more? Pick 3-5 areas of your house that need organization. Get shelves, cubes, ladders, baskets and tackle it!!! Grayson already has so many toys at just 4 months old so I can’t even imagine how it will be a few months from now. I’m a big fan of cute baskets and bins to throw everything in. That way, it still looks organized and somewhat contained in one area. You will feel so much better when you've decluttered your house. If you need some extra inspiration, just find Marie Kondo’s show on netflix and you’ll be asking yourself what sparks joy in no time!

  5. Have a family meeting and set goals, discuss finances and big plans for the upcoming year. Think big purchases, trips, and other goals with your spouse, or other important family members so you can get on the same page! Use my busy bee planner to write down your goals and hold yourself accountable. I always encourage my clients to ask themselves “are my daily actions aligned with my goals?” The busy bee planner is an easy way to do this. Click here to get on the presale list for 20% off.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you’d like more tips like these or one to one support to reach your goals, head to my services page to learn more about my coaching packages.



A weekend in Charleston

Hey busy bees!

I'm so excited to be sharing something a little different on the blog this week. Instagram polls are my favorite way to get an idea of what my audience would enjoy reading about, and a while back, my followers voted to learn more about our trip to CHARLESTON!!! If you know me well, you know Charleston is my FAVORITE city. I’ve been for Bachelorette parties, couples weekends, girls weekends, and I took my Mom over Spring Break last year for her first trip!


I've been to Charleston four times and is truly my FAVORITE place. The best food, historic homes, views and shopping EVER!!!

If you haven't been, make it one of your goals this year to go! The best thing about Charleston is you can do a lot in a weekend.

I am no EXPERT on Charleston, but if you're looking to plan a weekend, I can definitely give you some tips and some epic spots. I'm keeping my tips short and simple, because I've read a few blogs on Charleston and it can be overwhelming! 

Enjoy and don't forget to share with any friends that might be going! 

Let's get started!


When is the best time to go?

In my opinion, the best time to go is in the early Spring or Fall. A local told me that April and October are the busiest times in Charleston. It can get really hot in the Summer, so just be mindful of that! 

I have personally been in April, May, June and July. My husband and I will be going for the first time in the winter, this January, for a wedding! We can’t wait!

Throwback picture of my Bachelorette party in Charleston. We stayed at the Embassy Suites.

Throwback picture of my Bachelorette party in Charleston. We stayed at the Embassy Suites.

What are some great restaurants?

1. Magnolia's

Classic comfort food, amazing service, exceptional food. Last time I was there I got the buttermilk fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus, fried green tomatoes, and a white chocolate ice cream scoop for dessert. 

2. 82 Queen

We had a private room here for my Bachelorette party. Can be a little pricy but offers amazing traditional Southern food and impeccable service. Beautiful, historic restaurant. 

3. Fleet Landing

Awesome seafood on the water! 

4. Poogan's Porch

One of the best restaurants in Charleston. I love going for brunch! MUST EAT HERE!

5. Husk

Definitely pricey but one of the most beautiful restaurants in Charleston! 


6. Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

There's a standalone restaurant and there's also a small one inside the Old City market. I LOVE their pimento cheese biscuit and iced coffee. YUM!

What are the best bars? 

There are SOOO many and half of them we just stumble into! These are some of my favorites that we manage to hit every trip! 

1. Prohibition

2. The Rooftop Bar at Vendue

3. Stars Rooftop and Grill Room

4. Uptown Social


What are some things I should do while I'm there?

1. Go shopping on King Street

2. Tour a historic home

The Nathaniel Russel house is my recent favorite, but my Mom and I also visited the Aiken-Rhett house! 


3. Visit a plantation

I can't personally speak to this, but it's next on my list. I want to do Magnolia! 

4. Go to Folly Beach for the day

5. Go to the Waterfront park and see the iconic Pineapple fountain


6. Do a carriage tour

If you're an animal lover, sorry if this offends you, but I have done a tour almost every time I've visited Chucktown. It's a great way to explore the city without walking too much (especially when it's hot!) Old South Carriage company is what we usually use. They claim to take very good care of the horses and the horses go to nearby plantation to run and play a few times a week so they can take a break from shifts! It's really fun and a classic Charleston thing to do!

At my Bachelorette party in Charleston, my girls and I did a carriage tour!

At my Bachelorette party in Charleston, my girls and I did a carriage tour!

7. Go to the Old City Market 

Find some souvenirs, meet some locals and find other awesome handmade goods!

8. Eat all the pimento cheese.

And biscuits; just do it!

9. Walk the Battery and see the most beautiful homes, overlooking the water! 


10. Go to the Farmer's Market on a Saturday (seasonal) and check out local vendors, tents with awesome food, coffee, and more locally made items. When we went, there were also street dancers and musicians! 

11. Visit Rainbow Row! It's a row of beautiful, brightly colored, historic homes! It's a Charleston icon!

11. Do a haunted jail tour or haunted walking tour! I dd this a few years back and it was SO creepy and fun! There are lots of street vendors that you can book with. We did it through Ghost City Tours, I believe.

 That's all I've got for now! I'd love to hear YOUR favorite places in Charleston so I can add to my list! Comment below, and don’t forget to tag or share this post with a friend for an upcoming trip!



REAL TALK: What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Pregnant

Let me start off by saying that I am no expert! I am just like millions of other moms out there, but I did create this platform to help other women. I’m excited to dive into this topic and shed some light on my personal experiences and connect with other moms that may have experienced some of these things!

You may resonate with some of my stories, or maybe you didn’t experience what I did at all!


Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Trust me, I was the google queen my entire pregnancy and one person’s symptoms are not necessarily yours.

Everyone wants to share their experiences and stories and if I’m being completely honest, people with good intentions completely freaked me out by sharing sometimes.

This is not what this blog is about!

This is just to give some insight and share some things that I would’ve wanted to know before I got pregnant so it wasn’t a surprise!

Here goes!

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

  1. Pregnancy anxiety (especially the first trimester)

    I wasn’t prepared or ready for this. When I first found out I was pregnant, first I didn’t even think it was REALLY HAPPENING. Then once it sunk in I was terrified. Not about becoming a mom or bringing a child into the world. I was literally terrified that something was going to happen to the baby. We told our parents and close family members at 4-5 weeks, and some friends that we could trust because we were SO excited, but also because my anxiety was sky high. We chose to tell our family because if something DID happen, we would be devastated and would need their support. Once we shared the news, my anxiety lessened but I still had days where my anxiety was really high.

    I could write another blog post on how I tried to manage it, but I really focused on saying positive affirmations, journaling my feelings, tracking my emotions, and reaching out to friends who already had babies. It’s so important to not hide it or be ashamed of it. I think most of my anxiety came from hearing my friend’s stories about their miscarriages and knowing how common it really is. That doesn’t make it any easier or better to deal with.

    Just know that anxiety at the beginning, especially up until the 12 week mark is NORMAL and it will be okay. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others or talk to your doctor if your anxiety worsens or feels unmanageable!

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

2. Sharing your big news


There is no right or wrong time to tell people when you’re pregnant! When you’re pregnant, a lot of people have opinions on things and you have to do what feels right. Some people choose to wait until the 2nd trimester, and others share when the test has dried! YOU and YOUR PARTNER need to choose what feels right.

There is no reason to be ashamed if you’re so excited to share the news. There is also no reason to feel bad for waiting to tell your friends and family. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and that’s okay.

3. It can be isolating

Again, this was something new to me personally when I became pregnant. The first trimester I was honestly too tired to function and I had no energy to go out with friends and do my normal things. I found out memorial day weekend of 2018 so it was even harder that it was Summertime and I felt like I was “supposed” to be doing all the things, when all I really wanted to do was sleep. Can I get an amen?

Once the fatigue wore off, I realized what a weird (but totally exciting!) time pregnancy is. I couldn’t do my normal happy hour dates with friends and I really didn’t have any other friends pregnant at the same time. Pregnancy is filled with so many emotions and there is so much going on in your body (and mind!) that I felt a little disconnected at times from friends. It wasn’t anything they did; I Just feel like pregnancy made me a little hermit crab this Summer which was another thing I wasn’t expecting!

It’s like this strange time when you’re not yet a mom with a baby, but you also are stepping into a new stage of life and have different needs than you did before!

It really helped to have friends that would text and reach out to check on me and see how I was feeling, and rely on my husband to talk through everything with. Of course family was there for me 100% and at the end of the day, I had to release pressure I was putting on myself and just lay low. It’s a season of life and it’ll pass! But, it could be isolating at times, especially in the Summer when I wasn’t working and stayed home more often.

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

4. You will fall in love with the baby the first time you hear it’s heart beat (or before!)

It sounds cliche but it’s true. Ross and I were so nervous about our 8 week appointment (again, first-time parent anxiety!) but we were so excited to see the baby.

It was a completely surreal moment to get my first ultrasound and see that little bean on the screen and hear it’s heart beat. I will never forget looking over at Ross’ face and seeing it light up when he saw the baby. What a relief, and so much love.

It gets better and better with every single appointment, and I can only imagine the love I will feel when we meet our sweet baby for the first time!

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

5. Your mind will be going 100 MPH, all the time.

Throughout the different stages of your pregnancy, your mind will be going all the time. At first, it was concern about the baby and the anxiety I had surrounding the first trimester. Then, it was excitement about sharing our news on social media and getting to the 2nd trimester. Then, it was our baby registry and shower details. Then, it’ll be decorating the nursery, washing the clothes, finding daycare/sitter, etc. The list goes on. I can’t even imagine how my mind will be right before I deliver!

Again, this is totally normal. I was kind of like this when I planned my wedding! It’s all you can think about because it’s such a huge and exciting time! Overthinking and talking about the baby non-stop is totally normal!


6. You will not feel like yourself all the time

I felt like I put a lot of pressure on myself at times throughout my pregnancy. My anxiety threw me for a loop, the fatigue made me feel guilty that I was sleeping all day and I also felt bad that I just wasn’t feeling myself energetically!

As a mom-to-be, you’re going to need support from your husband and your family as you grow a human inside of you! You’re not going to be yourself and that is OKAY.

Maybe you won’t be up to cooking dinner like you normally do.

Maybe you have zero energy for the grocery store and decide to get them delivered instead.

Maybe you say no to going out to dinner with a group of friends because you’re just not feeling up to it.

Maybe you’re moving or changing rooms in your house to prepare for the baby and you get frustrated because you can’t help out as much as you want to.

Maybe not fitting into your old clothes or looking in the mirror and seeing changes in your body makes you feel insecure.

Maybe you get overly emotional about something and have a melt down with your husband.

Been there, done that. Guess what? It’s okay.

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

7. Lastly, it’s the happiest and most exciting time of your life!

From watching your belly grow, to feeling your baby’s kicks for the first time, pregnancy is such an exciting time! I have enjoyed every minute of announcing our pregnancy, planning our gender reveal, counting the days to our doctor’s appointments and getting little gifts in the mail from friends and family. It’s just so special! Get ready to be in the center of attention, and own it! People love pregnant people!

It’s crazy how much I love my son already, and I can’t wait to meet him in just a few months.

I’m going to end this post here, at 22 weeks pregnant!

There may be a part 2 to this blog post because I still have a way to go!


For now, these are the ones that have stuck out to me the most and I can’t wait to hear from YOU about some of your experiences, and if you could relate to any of these.

Tag a mom-to-be that might resonate with this article, or share online, because lets face it, it just feels better when you know you’re not alone!

Click here to learn more about my business as a life coach, and see how talking to someone outside of your circle can transform your life or business! Want to know more about me and my journey before getting pregnant? Click here!




Your Identity Map Story

Hi busy bees!

Live in themoment.png

Yesterday I was at a literacy leadership meeting and the literacy team started us off with an activity I’ve done several times throughout my personal growth and development journey. It’s always a great feeling when my career as a reading specialist and literacy coach ties in with my coaching business.

The team shared that we would be making identity maps.

Identity maps are a great activity to do with students to tie in social-emotional learning, but is also a powerful personal growth activity!

Identity maps allow you to map out important event’s in your life; some that you may not have thought of in quite some time. We are quick to block out aspects of our past that are painful, but it can be eye-opening to see how your pain launched you into something better and made you a stronger version of yourself.

Each time I do an identity map, I think about what has each brought me to where I am today.

They shared some amazing examples ranging from an identity road map from birth to present. Think of a road going across the paper, and simple graphics/words/illustrations mapping out important events in your life.

Another example I loved was a a glacier with traits that people see on the outside, and traits that no one sees below the surface. The outside traits go on top of the iceberg, and the deeper ones were written below the surface of the water.

Yesterday, I chose to do the identity road map.

The activity reminded me of how fun and empowering it can be to look back on where we’ve been and feel empowered to keep moving forward.

I’m telling you this because as a life coach and designer, my passion is helping women live intently, fulfill their dreams, and be productive in the things that truy matter.

Identity maps can be an amazing activity to pinpoint where you’ve been and where it is that you’re going. Now today, I’m going to share how to make one with you! I’ve created a simple template you can use to do this.

One of my favorite identity maps also came from Amber Lilyestrom’s Ignite Your Soul Summit event. The reason why this one in particular is so powerful is because she had us start from birth to present and identify the HIGHS and LOWS of our lives. The way we indicated this was by dotting the good/happy events ABOVE the line, and the hard times BELOW the line. This allowed us to truly “connect the dots” of our stories and honor every version of ourselves.

The beautiful thing about this map was that after every low, there was a rise.

For my identity map, I invite you to think about ten high and low points in your life and how your story has lead you to where you are today.

After doing your identity map, think about the following questions:

  1. What are the top moments where you chose YOURSELF and your dreams?

  2. What were your biggest lessons learned during the low points?

  3. What are some high points that came after the low ones?

  4. Where are you ready to go next in your life or business?

  5. What fears keep holding you back?

  6. What are you ready to receive and call into your life next?

Ready to dive in? Download the template here and complete it by Sunday evening for a chance to win a $5.00 Starbucks gift card!

All you have to do is complete it and tag me over at @busybeecoach on instagram or @busybeeproductivityco on Facebook. Share on your story or feed for a chance to win! If you tag a friend who might like this activity as well, double your chances of winning!

It’s been an honor to touch base and share with you today! If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your own personal development journey, email me today for 50% ANY of my one to one coaching packages.

This is a huge deal that I’ve never offered before. I’m ready to partner with women craving positive change, and who want to end 2018 the best way possible.

Working with a coaching, joining a group coaching program, attending live events and doing these activities have made me a better, stronger version of myself. Are you ready?

Contact me here!


How Do I Start Working on Myself?

Hi busy bees,

I'm coming to you from my family's vacation house in North Topsail Beach, North Carolina! We are here for the week for a family vacation, and it's been just what the doctor ordered. 


It's been a "different" Summer for me, for sure! If you missed my announcement, my husband and I are expecting our first baby in February! We are so thrilled and excited. At the beginning of the Summer, I had absolutely NO energy and slept pretty much all day. It was really weird for this busy bee to be so worn out, but I just embraced it and am finally feeling better now that we're in the second trimester! I'll have to write a blog post about my pregnancy another time!

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Photo by Remy Thompson Photography

Anyway, after a few long walks on the beach, I've been feeling really inspired to connect with you guys and answer a question that has been resonating in my coaching sessions and conversations with friends. 

The question of: How do I start working on myself? 

I went to the Made for More Movie by Rachel Hollis with my friend Faith and the theatre was PACKED with women. It reminded me of WHY I do what I do. This inner work and these conversations MATTER. The thing I hear over and over is, I see women talking about personal growth, but how do I start working on myself?

If you're anything like me, I like ACTUAL steps that I can implement into my life. Forget the fluff stuff; I want to REALLY know how to make a change.

If that describes you too, this blog post is for you! Are you ready to make a change? Let's dive in.

1. Pinpoint an area of growth. 

Grab a journal or find a quiet space. Think about your life and ask yourself what you need more of. What doesn't feel right? What are some things you'd like to change?

So many people think personal growth is for women who want to start businesses. It's not true! No matter what YOUR life path is, or what your work in the world is, personal growth is key to fulfillment. 

Let's face it, no one is perfect. We ALL have things we want to get better at, change, and work on. So what are yours? These are your areas of growth. Now you can start thinking about how to build positive habits, set goals, and make changes around them. 

2. Get inspired.

Sorry if I'm a broken record guys, but the only way to make a change is to get inspired! 

My favorite ways to get inspired are:

  • attend a live event
  • find a self-help or personal growth book in your area of growth. Is it motherhood, your career, starting a business, or nutrition? Find your passion and plug into those who have gone before you.
  • listen to podcasts
  • work with a coach

3. Step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

This one goes with number two, but I can't stress this one enough. If you want to start working on yourself, you've got to try new things. The things we are most afraid of are the things that are going to push us to grow. What are some things you've been wanting to DO or TRY?

For me, it was finding a church. I talked about it and researched churches in Richmond for almost a year before I had the guts to go try it out. It took me going to a live event to say OKAY, I'm really going to do this. But, I am so happy I did. 

Don't let fear hold you back. 

4. Set goals and make a plan.

Remember your areas of growth? Set goals and create an action plan to make the changes you're craving. If your goal is to buy your first home, work backwards and make a plan. If your goal is to finally launch a business, again, work backwards and plan out the steps that need to happen! 

5. Prioritize your time. 

How many times do we say we want to do something, but say we don't have time? This is something I work with my client's on, ALL THE TIME! 

The thing I suggest most is scheduling time into your week to work on your goals, and complete the above steps. Maybe it's Sunday morning or evening. Maybe it's getting up an hour earlier before work. 

You've got to make time for YOU. It's not easy, but once you start carving out the time for yourself, you will see the benefits! 

6. Never stop growing and self-reflecting.

This one also goes with number 5. After you've set goals, made a plan, and scheduled the time to make it happen, don't forget to keep self-evaluating. 

Ask yourself, how am I doing with my goals? Did I accomplish what I said I would? 

Is this still a goal I truly desire, or is there something better for me that's come along?

And of course, once you've achieved your goals, it's time to set new ones! We are never perfect and our work is never done. 

And that's it! 

As always, if you found this blog post helpful, I'd love for you to share with your friends or someone else who might want to see this!

I am scheduling coaching clients for the Fall, so if you'd like some one to one support and accountability to FINALLY make some positive changes, you can email me here. I offer free consultations and have coaching packages to fit any budget. How are you investing in yourself and your personal growth?

Copy of Blog Podcasts (1).png

Thanks for being here!